Tips & Instruction Page - Submitted by Road Star Riders from Everywhere!

Baffle Removal Tool (Construction Details)
Headlight Aiming Details or Small Version
Bolt & Fastener Torque Specs
Passing Lamp Wiring (Several setup and wiring scenarios)
Ultra Faring Install RPM~VS~Speed   (Instructions)
Belt Adjustment Carb & Fuel Pump Articles (All)
Sound Files
Roll Over Valve Removal (All Years)
Bag Guard Installation (Tour Classic on Road Star) Crankshaft Measurement
Engine Removal  Odo's Maintenance File
Handlebar Wiring Barnett Clutch & Oil Pump Gear  (If your R* was made before 06/01 you will have the weaker oil pump gear)
Finding Short Circuits Removing the Wheels
Generator Shaft Measurements A Novel Crankcase Vent (Erbman)
Valve Adjustments Fat Tire Swing arm Mods
Starter Spin Service Bulletin (jpeg)   (pdf) Saddle Bag Lowering Brackets
Starter Spin Fix Detailed Instructions in pdf Install E.C. Turn Signal (99 - 03)
Sticking Valve on 1700 (Service Bulletin) Horn Relocation
Engine Noise (Service Bulletin) Using Ford Automotive Starter Solenoid
HLY-6000 Installation Instructions (Electronic Dash) Quick Kickstand Mod
Sealing Spokes To run tubeless tires

Bike Lift Got a ramp lift? Here's another use for it

  Road Star Clinic Tech Tips
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Updated 06/25/2011 - Joe Friday

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